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Speed up your Prestashop store with JETcache module.

How it works?

JETcache shrinks files, reduces the weight of HTML, JavaScript, CSS files and has it’s own cache loader. What is most important - JETcache does not use Prestashop Core. You don’t have to wait extra seconds. Your shop will be available to use immediately.

Module capabilities

  • Integrated Minifier
  • Quick Auto Setup
  • Page Caching and mirroring
  • Ggoogle Friendly
  • Browser Caching
  • Lazyload
  • Cron tasks
  • Defer Javascript Loading
  • CloudFlare Compatibility
  • Get,Post Variables Configuration
  • Inline URL Variables Configuration
  • Developer Friendly

1 year free support and updates

If you are a store developer - contact us for special offer.

We offer convenient discounts.

Prestashop 1.6 or 1.7, PHP 5.6+, IonCube, one domain licence

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Bez tego modułu strony moich produktów ładowały się strasznie wolno ze względu, na to że używamy wielu dodatków do Presty. Odkąd używamy JetCache udało nam się zejść z czasem ładowania strony poniżej 3 sekund w analyticsie.

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