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How it works? You install the module, Add a store icon,
That's it!

What do you get?
Automatic installer as a mobile application. The store accessible from the phone's desktop and the ability to compile as a mobile application to the Google Play or AppStore.

With access from the phone's desktop, the store becomes always at hand, literally within a few clicks. This solution not only increases convenience, but also allows customers to browse and shop anywhere and anytime, whether they are on the go, on a break at work or in the comfort of their own home.

Current version of the module: 1.1.0 for PrestaShop 1.6 - 1-7 and v8 stores.
If you have an earlier version of the module, please contact us.
We will send the current one for installation.


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Store accessible from your phone's desktop - Progressive Web App - Prestashop PWA.

Turning your online store into an app with a single integrated module is a step towards modernity and exceptional usability. This innovative module not only streamlines the functions of the store, but also transforms it into an interactive application, which contributes to enhancing the level of customer service.

The advantage of using a single module to transform a store into an application is the simplicity of implementation. Without the need for complicated procedures or multi-step processes, the store can become available as a mobile app, which in turn makes it easier for customers to quickly access offers, promotions or product information.

The store's app, based on a single module, provides a unified user experience, regardless of whether the customer is using a web browser or a mobile device. This eliminates barriers between different platforms, enabling a smooth and consistent experience of the store's functions.

Store as an app using a single module not only meets customers' expectations for modernity and ease of use, but also opens the door to new marketing and interaction opportunities. It's a solution that integrates functionality, increases mobility and enhances the customer experience, resulting in increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

Easier accessibility, higher conversion

Easier accessibility is a key determinant of online success, and one of the main results of this accessibility is usually increased conversion. When users have easy access to the information, products or services they need, it becomes a significant boost to the conversion process.

Today's digital world demands quick and seamless access to content. Customers expect to find what they need in a matter of moments, without a lot of clicking or scrolling. Easier accessibility therefore means that websites or applications are designed to make information organized, clear and easy to understand. This makes users more likely to stay on the site and take advantage of the offer.

In the case of online stores, easier access to products, a simpler shopping process and clearer product information can significantly influence the purchase decision. Consumers value convenience and immediate access to product details and purchase options. Optimizing accessibility can increase customer confidence, resulting in increased conversions.

Whether we're talking about a website, mobile app or e-commerce platform, easier accessibility translates into a positive user experience. This, in turn, builds customer loyalty and makes them more likely to return and recommend the service or product to others.

Ability to publish on GOOGLE PLAY, APP STORE

PWA is the first step to create a mobile application. We can do it for you/for you. Order a package together with publication on Goolge Play or App Store.


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Działa, w końcu widzę ikonę swojego sklepu na pulpicie telefonu. Zadziwiają łatwa instalacja, dodałem tylko ikonę i ustawiłem nazwę „aplikacji” i dałem zapisz :o Doskonała alternatywa dla tworzenia natywnych aplikacji na którą mało kogo stać.

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